Love is like a window, through it the outside shines on you, and when it’s open wind will blow you in the face.

Love is Like a Flower

We have a new song up! It’s a love song.
It’s about finding things among your paraphernalia, that you can relate to ‘love’. We know it sounds silly, but the song will explain itself.

I’m your tire, you’re my burn.
You’re my torture, I’m your turn.
I’m your nothing, you’re my all.
You’re the leap, I’m the fall.

You’re the First

This could be a very good love song. But it actually turned out great!

Listen to it here

Everything: DAMPFBAHN!

Same as Me

We recently recorded a new song called ‘Same as Me.

You can listen to it here

Everything: DAMPFBAHN!

Go Higher

Our new song Go Higher is out!

All sounds: DAMPFBAHN!
Mix: Henrik Vindeby